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Whether you’ve belonged to a local church community before or you’re curious for the first time to see what life in the Church is all about, you are welcome at Canopy. You are free to join us at any of our House Church or All-together gatherings. If you’d like to get more information or let us know you’re coming, you can fill out the contact form and connect with one of our leaders.

What to expect?

At a Canopy House Church you will immediately get to dive into the life of our church. It’s a casual home environment, like a family dinner night, but one intentionally ordered around following Jesus and carrying one another’s needs through prayer and practical support. When you come, you will never be required to share about yourself but you are always welcome to join in the discussion and share as you feel comfortable. You will, however, always share a meal together—we believe deeply in the community that grows around the meal table.

At our All-together gatherings, we meet in this larger context for worship, preaching from Scripture, sharing stories of God’s work in our lives and then responding together in singing, prayer and, of course, a meal (we love to eat!). This is not a formal environment, just like our House Churches, so feel free to show up like you would to a family dinner and hear a bit about why we are committed to one another and this life of following Jesus for the sake of others.