Our Story

Canopy was born out of a simple but powerful conviction: there must be more. There must be more to life than we are currently experiencing, more of God’s presence and power, more intimacy and community, more impact and purpose. And that core conviction lies behind the name we chose for our community: Canopy. It’s a name right out of the book of Exodus that evokes images of families living in tents gathered in tribes oriented around and beneath the Presence of God. In that story, God rescued His people from slavery in Egypt so that He could lead them to freedom in a Promised Land that He had prepared for them.

But, significantly, He didn’t take them directly from Egypt to the Promised Land. He took them first into the wilderness where He taught them what it meant to be free. You see, they had no frame of reference for freedom. They were born slaves; their people had been slaves for generations. Their souls bore the muscle memory of oppression, and they had no capacity to envision life beyond the Empire, let alone life as the free people of God. So, He took them into the wilderness and there gave them a three-fold vision of freedom, initiated by and oriented around Him. He taught them that to be free is to live claimed, commissioned, and covered by God. 

This is the reason Canopy exists, to grow in our knowledge and experience of this three-fold vision of freedom. 

God is for us. In Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit, God has made us His own, His people, citizens and heirs of His Kingdom, daughters and sons. We want to grow in our identity as His children and in intimacy with Him. So, we always remind one another of who God is and who we are in Him.

Commissioned — 
God works through us. Jesus has invited us to partner with Him in God’s restorative work in the world through His Spirit with and in us. We want to grow in our awareness that He is at work and in our availability to join Him in that work. So, we always look for opportunities to partner with Him.

Covered — 
God is with us. He does not leave us to fend for ourselves but has given us His Spirit to seal us as His own, to advocate for us, to lead and guide us, and to empower us for His mission. We want to grow in sensitivity to His presence and in expectancy that, where He is, anything is possible. So, we always pursue His presence and ask Him to move among and through us.



We hold to the historic teachings of Christian orthodoxy handed down in the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed. We are also aligned with more recent formulations of core Christian doctrine spelled out in the Lausanne Covenant and the statement of faith of the Langham Partnership.

In addition to these statements of faith, we hold the following core convictions based on our understanding of the belief and practice of the early Church as observed in the book of Acts.


We believe strongly that it’s just as important to invest in community as individuals, as it is to invest in Kingdom partners. We are grateful for the friendship of these amazing churches and organizations:

The Garden Church
Trinity Nottingham
Harvest India
Reaching Unreached Nations